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  1. 21 - I Gave Up On "Normal" Social Media

    An in depth review of GoToSocial, the lightweight and fast Fediverse software written in Go.

  2. Moonlight Bench - Art Timelapse

    Here is a timelapse for an art piece I made a little while ago, enjoy the process of by far one of my best pieces.

  3. 20 - This Site Is Powered By 11ty

    11ty is a simple and user friendly static site generator - which powers this site.

  4. 19 - Why I Use iPhone Over More Open Alternatives

    I use iPhone despite advocating for FOSS software, here's why.

  5. 18 - RSS Is The Past, Present And Future

  6. 17 - Site Plans - Changes & Ideas

  7. 16 - Running Out Of Steam For NaNoWriMo 2023

  8. 15 - Aliens Are Amongst Us!!!

  9. 14 - A Fresh Start For My Laptop

  10. Lunar Voyager

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